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IDEAL for Industry was established in 2008

and is currently located in the industrial area of Choueifat in Lebanon. We manufacture PS FOAM food containers and plates at different sizes. 


To offer rapid and proficient service of the highest standard at all times, in a cost effective that approach with diligence, honesty and reliability, In addition to provide it in a safe, environmentally and economically viable way


To produce products that people love and market need, that lead us to be the number one distributors for all disposable foam packing in the middle east.


Our company offers a comprehensive range of foam products including meal boxes, containers, trays …that suites all food types and kinds.

Our company can provide products

In all shapes and sizes.

Drawings, shapes, and companies logo.

The possibility of covering all Lebanese territory.

The possibility of punching the boxes and trays.

The boxes can be covered with laminating layer.